Business coaches and clients benefit from professionally written marketing material

Great coaches need great comms

You’re a great coach. You’re confident you can help people turn their lives and their businesses around, but you find it hard to explain the benefits of people working with you in a clear and compelling way.  You need a copywriter to help you and your clients create better content.

I can help you:

  • Write your marketing copy to appeal to your target market
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of working with you
  • Identify your key messages
  • Write websites, brochures, blogs, workshop copy, Eventbrite copy, invitations,  networking 60 second pitches and 10 minute presentations
  • Name your workshops so they stand out
  • Create packages to sell your services in a more profitable way
  • Save time… you coach, I’ll write – we’ll make a great team!

My copy will give your clients’ businesses a boost

You believe in your clients and you want them to do well.  Whether they are just starting out, or seasoned entrepreneurs, the way they write about themselves will have an enormous impact on the quality and quantity of business they attract.

I can help:

  • You look good! Being able to recommend a trustworthy and capable professional resource reflects well on you and your business
  • Them save time and money – get it right first time while they get on with their jobs
  • Your clients promote themselves:
    • Writing copy to appeal to their target market (websites, brochures, blogs, workshop copy, Eventbrite copy, invitations)
    • Communicating the benefits of working with them in the right tone
    • Identifying key messages
    • Naming workshops so they stand out


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Professionally written copy will help you and your clients to attract and retain more business. To discuss how I can help you today, please email or call now.

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