0d0b1ebI graduated with a degree in Politics from Bristol University, and then spent a few years as a marketing agency account manager. One happy day, an advert in the Guardian caught my eye:  Comic Relief were looking for a corporate sponsorship manager. I got the job and stayed for five years in a variety of marketing roles. My favourite job? Writing marketing material and the non-recipe copy for the Red Nose Day cookery books.

Five amazing years – and a lot of writing – later, I left to go freelance full time.  Since 2003, I’ve been writing all manner of marketing material for people in every industry and sector.

This website shows a fraction of the copy I’ve written in the last few years. Please feel free to ask me if you would like to see other examples of my work which might be more relevant to your needs.

All my work is repeat business, or clients gained through word of mouth and networking.  I am happy to write anything for anyone and I love what I do.

How can I help you today?