We have worked with Fiona on copy for our new site and numerous blog articles. Fiona is a highly efficient copywriter who comes with many ideas and suggestions as well as high quality work. She also acts as a valuable critical friend improving our copy, articles, thoughts and content. I would highly recommend Fiona to others.
We recently contracted Fiona to provide copywriting support to our website upgrade. Her proactive approach and attention to detail made working with her a pleasure and the final outcomes were of excellent quality. I look forward to working with her again soon and recommend her work to others.
Fiona was briefed to copy edit the Affinity Sutton Annual Report. She over delivered on the brief by suggesting headlines to support the copy and concept; and restructuring copy to ensure a good flow. The whole process was as straightforward as I have come to expect with Fiona. This – and of course her outstanding copywriting – is the reason why I continue using her for all our copywriting requirements.
Lisa Oliver, So Creative/Creative Comms
Fiona’s writing is fantastic and timely. She is lovely to work with and highly professional, I’d recommend her to anyone wanting an experienced copywriter.
Sharon Baker, Agency:2
As a Managing Director of Pitch Perfect Club I am acutely aware of others’ perception of us online. Fiona has supported us to drive business in through social media including blogging.  In particular her support with our blog has proved invaluable.  Not only has our regular blogging raised Pitch Perfect Club’s online profile, Fiona has changed the way we write.  We share insights for our clients and the wider social media world in our blogs, just as we do when we work with our clients face-to-face. Fiona is fundamental to any business wanting grow their presence online.
Deon Newbronner, Pitch Perfect Club
Fiona helped us edit and re-write text for our new website.  Her writing was clear, accessible and enjoyable to read.  Just as importantly she was well-organised and a pleasure to work with.
Matt Plen, Chief Executive, Masorti Judaism
We were delighted with Fiona’s invaluable guidance and creative input in helping to put together a ten year commemorative booklet for an international organisation. With texts written in English by delegates from 26 countries her constructive criticisms and patience were greatly appreciated and helped ensure a consistent and balanced product. Although the deadlines moved, Fiona continued to turn around copy quickly and accurately whilst checking relevant facts and details in the process. We look forward to working with Fiona again.
Michael Newman, ITF
Meeting and working with Fiona has been a delight. Our first project together was to create the inaugural handbook for the British Polio Fellowship. This involved scraping together information from a multitude of sources and turning it into the brilliant guide it is today. Fiona acted as both copywriter and coordinator between creative agency and client, kept us all to keen deadlines and remained cheerful throughout.
Jackie Ball, Marketing Manager, The British Polio Fellowship
I previously had a website that I prepared quickly and built with a family friend. When my food business started to grow, I understood I needed to offer a professional and clear window of what I could offer to my customers. With her friendly, efficient, and organised approach Fiona Mocatta helped me very quickly to restructure my website with a straightforward and clear approach. I was able to give my customers all the answers they needed to know so they could call me and book me for their cooking party or catering in a few clicks. My business has since grown considerably. I totally recommend Fiona Mocatta.
Fabienne Viner-Luzzato, Home Cooking by Fabienne
I am a Professional Organiser. Having a business that operates in a relatively unknown market in the U.K can be a challenge. Not everyone understands what I do, so explaining it in a concise, professional, understandable way was very important to me. The copy I got back from Fiona was beyond my expectations. I sent the (very very rough draft) wording of my website to her and seven days later I had the final draft. I was surprised that she asked to see all my tools and documents so she could really understand my business process. The final result was great – with words and a tone that suited my business, target market and my style. She also included a very clear layout for each page/tab I had planned for the design. This made it easier to read and imagine how it would come together. A big plus for me and my web designer, as Fiona’s copy was also a brief for her. Fiona is so experienced and passionate about her work. She has made an enormous difference to the quality of my website, and the experience people will have when they navigate through it. It would have taken me triple the time to get half the quality of what Fiona did for me – for sure!
We needed to get the copy for our website done pretty quickly. Fiona was really responsive to our timelines and the quality of the work she produced was spot on.
Anthony Broad, MD, SalmonLuke.com
We asked Fiona to create a report for us to send to our subscribers. She completely understood our requirements and produced a report that exceeded our expectations in super-speedy time!
Nicola Berman and Cassie Everett, Juno Natural Fertility
I approached Fiona Mocatta when we needed content for our new website and for a new brochure. Fiona responded quickly to our enquiry and listened carefully to our brief. She is a no nonsense professional who was able to run with our assignment and did not require close supervision. Fiona’s copy met our requirements of keeping a relatively dry subject light but informative. She met all the deadlines we set her and was always available to respond to any queries that we may have had. It was a pleasure working with her.
Simon Sanders FCA ATII, Principal, Sanders Group
I worked with Fiona on an advertising piece for a FTSE 100 company launching a new recruitment initiative. There were significant time constraints in place, and Fiona was responsive, efficient and delivered exactly to spec! She was a pleasure to work with.
Julia Barber, Director of Graduate Recruitment, The Cornell Partnership (HBOS’s agency)
When it came time to design my new website, I wanted a real sales and marketing pro. That is exactly what I found with Fiona Mocatta. She made it so easy for me to provide just the right information because of the way she asked questions. She is professional, organised and thoughtful in her approach. I highly recommend Fiona and her services.
Susan Bagyura, Principal Consultant, bluedanubecoaching.com
I thought you were very professional and what you wrote for me was clear and concise.
Carole Nyman, Stress Counsellor
Fiona quickly produced original descriptions for the products I sell.   She was professional, efficient, and hit all my deadlines.
Jeremy Katz, The Silver Place